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a taste of tokyo:

My previous adventures in Japan were as a teenager; fresh faced and idealistic. I was lucky enough to spend 10 days or so with some amazing young people from all around the world (which you can read more about by clicking here).

This experience was something that helped shape many of my subsequent choices and world views and I am so grateful to those who organised it and participated alongside me, many of whom I am still in touch with and continue to inspire me. 

a centre of Arts and culture

One of the things I will be doing in Tokyo in my first few days is visiting a couple of art galleries and spaces, namely the National Art Center Tokyo which I am super excited to explore.

I have always enjoyed the way that Japanese art (from my naive outsiders perspective) relates to its environment; I am keen to challenge my own preconceptions around this and do some learning to give the rest of my trip a little context. 


Weird and wonderful

One of my favourite places last time I was in Tokyo was undoubtedly Harajuku, which was as strange and amazing as expected. 

It is a fantastic culture and fashion mecca with the most amazing variety of people in clothes that you wouldn't see so often on Queen Street. 

I am looking forward to spending some time there; scouting for art supplies (most of the pens I use are Japanese-made) and trying to capture as much of the experience as I can.