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Art + Sunshine + Studio KurA

I will be carrying out my research aims while at Studio Kura:

  • What ‘thriving’ looks like at Studio Kura? (What great arts stuff is going on at Studio Kura? Are they doing anything that we can learn from here in New Zealand? What are their growth areas? What is their vision for the community?)

  • How this Studio Kura funded? (Are there funding models they are using that work differently? Is this something other arts organisations can learn from?)

  • How do they impact their community? (How do the people using their services and attending their programmes and events feel? What is their experience in their own words? How are their attitudes and lives changed by Studio Kura?)

ARTIST in residence

As my residency project I will be creating and exhibiting a series of small works that reflect the everyday interactions with the local residents and in the community.

I would like to study the native plants and birds to create illustrations and invite people in to make art with me.