The island life for me...

Catching up on a few things I have wanted to share. Last week was full of adventures and one of them was having an adventure on Katsura's birthday that she very generously spent with us.

Last Monday a group of us from Studio Kura Co., Ltd. went on a bicycle and ferry mission out to Himejima island in...

Posted by Art and Sunshine on Saturday, 1 April 2017

Katsura, Sol, Laurence, PC, Judy, Danny and I all went off on our bikes and had a lovely day on Himejima island. These are just a few shots of the stunning scenery there, would definately recommend giving it a visit if you get a chance but take good walking shoes and make sure you have a whole day free!

I have a few posts in the wings at the moment including a birthday party at House 2, my exhibition work, an interview with Hiro-san from Studio Kura, pictures from our trip to Nagasaki and more! Hopefully I will get those posted over the next week or so!

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