Painting, Pints and Pasta

I feel like every week I get more and more behind in my blog! Heres what I got up to last week here in Itoshima!

MONDAY 13.03.2017 - Played with supplies and made more art. Had a long chat to my Mom & Dad and called both my grannys. 

TUESDAY 14.03.2017 - Took my bike out for a long gulp of fresh air, came back and did some writing. 

WEDNESDAY 15.03.2017

Chatting upstairs at Goyagoyamoon

Chatting upstairs at Goyagoyamoon

Almost getting fed a little TOO well! This was after the amazing lunch they bought up plates of snacks!

Almost getting fed a little TOO well! This was after the amazing lunch they bought up plates of snacks!

Went down to Ikisan Station a little after 8 to catch a train into Fukuoka with Sol, Da Rae, Angela, Isabelle, Judy and PC. Had some coffee then went to a Nihongo class, this was a little above my comprehension level and I didn’t learn very much but I was very glad I went!

Afterwards Mutusan picked us up and took us to Goyagoyamoon (chat corner) where we were fed an amazing lunch and hung out in a super cool little loft for the afternoon. Met some amazing locals here and had a lovely time! Got home at about 4.30pm and made some dinner before hopping into bed to work on some writing.

THURSDAY 16.03.2017 - Got really stuck in in my little studio, playing around with watercolour vs. masking fluid. Resisting the urge to just draw NZ birds, wreathes and cat comics. I was supposed to interview Hiro-san but i got lost trying to find House 3 so we re-scheduled the interview. Directions are hard!

FRIDAY 17.03.2017

I made a little bit of art in the morning and went out for a cycle before a group of us caught the train into Fukuoka at 11ish. We went to Bumpodo(the amazing art supplies store) where I bought some bigger sheets of water-colour paper and a few brushes. 

Afterwards Isabelle very kindly took the art supplies home on her way and Laurence, Sol and I went out in search of some good spots to have a pint for St Paddy’s. Sol first took us to an amazing Ramen shop, it was SO yummy and SO cheap. We then went on the longest walk of our lives in search of a pub that had either since closed down or didn’t exist. We eventually ended up at a series of lovely little pubs including two Irish ones, made a lovely new friend (Matt - USA Navy chap) and did some Karaoke before heading home before the trains stopped. It was a lovely little night out and thankfully besides being a little tired no one was worser for wear in the morning.

SATURDAY 18.03.2017 - I woke up very early and went for a lovely long bike ride out past Ikisan and to a 7/11 in search of breakfast. I came back the long way through some little farm roads -  longer than I intended because the roads I took didn’t link up to where I wanted to be so I had to double back, whoops!

Afterwards I had a deliciously long sleep before gettinglittle work done while everyone else went up to Sakurai Shrine to prep for the Spring Festival coming up on Monday.

I successfully lured Danny to come visit and he arrived super late but I fed him risotto and we got to hang out and unwind. 

SUNDAY 19.03.2017 - I illustrated 60 post cards for the shrine in the morning (well I got 20ish done in etc morning and the rest later that day), while Danny took my bike down to the 7/11 to get some brunch supplies.

When he came back we had lunch and made travel plans before he caught his next train outta here. I cycled down to the office to find some supplies for Monday and pow-wow with Katsura.

On Sunday night everyone (besides Angela who was in Tokyo) came over to our house for a spaghetti party which was really fun even though we all ate too much.

Spaghetti Party at House 2! 

Spaghetti Party at House 2! 

Not the most eventful week overall but very fun and a good amount of work ready or in the pipelines for my show on the 25th.

Missing home, missing my family, missing church, missing friends, missing my cats and really, really missing The Arts Village. I also miss Danny when he’s gallivanting but that goes without saying! Having an amazing time though!


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