Auckland: Corban Estate Art, Mairangi Bay Art Centre, North Arts, and Takapuna Art Supplies.

The day has been hot and humid; a different kind of Summer to what we have been having down in Rotorua but it does feel like Summer, which is a nice change.

It feels odd to not be at the village today. I expect that quite quickly this transience will feel almost completely comfortable…for the moment I am a bit like Bambi. Each new conversation is a tentative step into how I might approach my project and how to best talk about what I am doing. 

I started my day waking up late at Sarah and Sean’s new house; a lovely wee three bedroom bungalow in a cosy part of Auckland. Sarah is among the first in our peer group to buy their own place and she is forging the way for the rest of us. Truth be told I am a little envious…but of course if I was more firmly planted down I wouldn’t be about to take this little trip. Little is relative here; it still feels like a massive journey, but I know six months is going to go by ridiculously quickly.

Today was a series of flying visits; I started at Corban Estate Art Centre in Henderson. I had been dying to go here ever since I met one of their team members (Martin) at last years CCD (Creative Cultural Development) summit held by Creative Waikato in the Hamilton Gardens. They have several artists exhibiting at the moment and for today I was up at their shop, gallery and admin block. I was stoked because I was allowed to take pictures (!). Their picture-policy is that provided you credit them and the relevant artists it is okay, which is a policy I love because it promotes sharing. It is something I would love us to think about at the village with our exhibition contracts; a happy agreement on how work can be shared but not misappropriated.

I then went out to the Mairangi Arts Centre which was having a beautiful members exhibition, and visited NorthArts which also had an amazing exhibition, as well as an exhibition from a private collection that is due to go up on sale later this year. This collection was a little overwhelming in some ways as it was full of many of the big players in the NZ art scene, I loved seeing the works up close and in the context of the whole collection.

I also accidentally went shopping at Takapuna Art Supplies:  I went in looking for a Copic refill (B00 in their Various Ink) and a new pad of some Fabriano bristol paper that I am addicted to. They unfortunately didn’t have either of these so naturally I bought lots of other things not on my list: a couple of paper pads, a small sketchbook, two beautiful watercolour brushes and a couple of non-photo blue Prismacolor pencils. All the essentials. I joke, but these will actually all be useful things - as part of the project I will do at Studio Kura I want to arrive work ready and these were the last few bits I was after.

So a long post today, I have embedded some photos below that I put up on Facebook (, and am off to Wellington tomorrow for new adventures there!

- MB

Had an awesome time up in Auckland earlier this week visiting Corban Estate Arts Centre, Mairangi Arts Centre, Northart...

Posted by Art and Sunshine on Tuesday, 21 February 2017
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