Eight Weeks until it all starts!

Today marks the eight week mark until I fly away - there is so much to do!

I have made a gear list of everything I will be taking (some things yet to buy) and have started packing things away - not quite into my pack, but into a big box left behind from Christmas gifts ordered online.

The time of year is going to be a little different everywhere I go - Spring in Japan, Winter in South Africa, Summer in the UK/USA. Not quite sure how much clothing to pack but have kept it as lean as I possibly can - layers are important I think, as is comfy and sturdy footwear. 

I am trying to keep my "mission" at the forefront of my planning. I need things that are comfy and durable, need the least washing possible and are unlikely to offend in the places I am going which require sensitivity. I am not packing any "fancy duds" - I do need an outfit for my cousins wedding but I am planning on buying that when I get to South Africa and I won't need anything too snazzy until then. 

Technology wise I am still deciding. I know I want to bring my laptop, phone and camera but after then it gets convoluted; what about my polaroid camera, drawing tablet and tripod? How many SD cards should I bring? How many travel adaptors?

These aren't major things to determine but each thing takes a little bit of time and as my time left starts to dwindle I am actually finding these questions a little easier. I am more decisive; No to the polaroid camera, but a tentative yes to the tripod. Two SD cards and one travel adaptor that will work in several places.

The research is keeping me up as well. I want to be well read but at a certain point I am going to have to draw the line and focus forward. there will be time for more reading on other research when I get home.

At times this project feels a little self-centred. Is it really that important to anyone besides me? I'm not sure yet.  I know I have a lot I want to share but I also have a lot to learn and learning and discovery will be the main goal for each organisation I visit.

The reason I love my job is that I really do think what we do is important. The impacts are felt by such a range of different people in heaps of ways that are also unexpected. I think "Art" sometimes has a little bit of a perception of being snooty and intangible...but it is also at times the most raw and real way for people to connect to others and express themselves. So I guess I should remember it is self-determined rather than self-centred - as these beliefs are at the centre of everything I am planning and doing.