What is Wellbeing?

What is wellbeing and how do we quantify it? Can our lives be broken down so easily into the conditions of our spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, and social "well-being"? Does this approach miss anything? This post is more about my questions around what we get from it then about providing answers.

What makes this project (Art + Sunshine) really personal for me I guess is that I keep thinking about my own well-being. I think like many people when I feel good I do more stuff that makes me feel good; its a funny relationship isn't it? For me the quickest way to happy is time spent at the lake, talking/gaming/hanging with my boyfriend, doing dorky brady-bunch style family activities, learning a new skill, illustrating or making cutesy plates of delicious food and sprinkling the pictures all over Instagram. 

Case and point: food  is  happiness.

Case and point: food is happiness.

What I have come to realise from this is that happiness feeds happiness, and that if all else fails if you know your mood is getting salty you can go out and do the things that you know 'feed your happy'; and that through this even the worst day can be made a tiny bit more sunny, if not flipped totally on its head.

How does this play into art? Well I guess I kind of believe that art and creativity universally feeds happiness.

The 'universality' (I need to find a better word than that) of art is what I really love about it: Art, or Creativity is a language we can all speak. It is communication, and expression. It protests, it discovers and it divulges. It is full of secrets and shared experience. It is transient and transformative. It is hopeful and it claims any space or person as its friend; or foe; or confidant. It has no rules and no dictionary. It is infinite.

More to come soon.


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