Start with a bang (or maybe just a ramble)


I thought I would kick off the blog portion of this site with some information on how I plan on carry out “Art+Sunshine”.

This blog will be a combination of a few things; my own reflections, summaries of other research I have looked at and discussion on my own practical research methodology.

It is very important to me that I read as much information from other peoples research as I can, because what I am saying isn’t new. I just want case studies that are tangible for me rather than held off at a responsibly objective distance.

I don’t want to bury Art + Sunshine in academic language and citations. While I will make sure everything is credited to its source and that my language is clear, accurate, and concise…I don’t want to alienate ‘subjects’ from the results of the research.

I want this project to be a narrative; an exercise in story-telling. This isn’t a prescriptive piece of research.

So sometimes my words will be academic, and sometimes they will be chatty. Sometimes they won’t be my words at all but reflections from other people telling their own stories and recounting their own experiences. 

Above all I want everything I write here to be written honestly and constructively. I want to be able to use this when I am finished with it and I am leaving every possible angle open for growth and responsiveness as I go. I expect that my approach and attitudes will shift a little as I learn more.

Thats it for now, I am working on writing up some of the things I took from Creative New Zealand’s (amazing) advocacy toolkit which has been a fantastic preliminary source for me, so that will most likely be my next post.


Chat soon,